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Saeed Anwar

I'm Assistant Professer at KFUPM, Honorary Faculty at ANU, Visiting Fellow at UTS and Honorary Assistant Professor at UC.

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Academic Experience

2022/12 - I am a Assistant Professor at Information and Computer Science, King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM).

2019/06 - I am Honorary Faculty at College of Engineering & Computer Science, Australian National University (ANU).

2021/10 - I am also Adjunct Assistant Professor at Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Canberra (UC).

2021/10 - 2023/08 , Visiting Fellow at Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

2012/09 - 2018/08 , I have worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES).

2008/08 - 2010/08 , I was a computer engineer at the Faculty Of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI).

Industrial Experience

2018/04 - 2023/01 , I was a Research Scientist with Data61, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

2014/05 - 2018/04 , I have also worked with National ICT Australia (NICTA), Australia, on various projects.

2012/01 - 2012/08 , I worked on a medical-related project with Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe (TMVSE), Scotland.

2011/05 - 2011/08 , Similarly, I simulated sonar sensors for transparent object detection for path planning in Pal Robotics, Barcelona, Spain.

2007/05 - 2007/08 , I worked with Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) during my undergraduate.


2014/05 - 2018/04 , I hold a PhD from the Australian National University, where I studied at the College of Engineering & Computer Science. I conducted doctoral research within the Computer Vision Research Group (CVRG) at Data61 (previously known as NICTA), CSIRO.

2010/09 - 2012/08 , Prior to my PhD, I pursued a Master's degree in Computer Vision and Robotics (Vibot) through a collaborative program involving the Heriot-Watt University, the University of Girona and the University of Bourgogne.

2004/09 - 2008/08 , My academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Peshawar.

Open Positions:

I am looking for PhD students and Master students who want to conduct research and develop advanced deep learning algorithms for image and video enhancement and restoration, 3D Point Clouds, computational imaging, computer vision and Machine learning applications to join Ph.D. and Masters at ICS, KFUPM. I am also recruiting Research Associates and Final Year Project students.

Special Issue!:

Recent News:

  • 2x Papers accepted in CVPR Workshops. One Poster and One Oral [April'24]
  • Attention Survey is accepted in Infurmation Fusion (IF:18.6) [April'24]
  • PSGNN is accepted by TNNLS (IF:10.4) [March'24]
  • Data Augmentaiton survey is accepted by EAAI (IF:8) [April'23]
  • A paper in WACV Workshop [Oct'23]
  • Fine-Grain Evaluation is accepted in Electronics (IF:2.9) [Aug'23]
  • A paper in IEEE Access (IF:3.9) [Jun'23]
  • P2C is accepted by ICCV. [April'23]
  • UniLoc is accepted at IROS. [March'23]
  • IEEE T-ITS (IF:8.5) has accepted our article SAT3D. [Feb'23]
  • A paper accepted by ICRA. [Jan'23]
  • Sensors (IF:3.847) has accepted our article. [Dec'22]
  • TNNLS (IF:14.255) has accepted our article on Position-Sensing Graph Neural Networks. [Sept'22]
  • An article based on point cloud completion is accepted in BMVC. [Oct'22]
  • PU-Transformer has been accepted in ACCV. [Sept'22]
  • Three Journal Articles: TNNLS (IF:14.255), Remote Sensing (IF:5.349) and Electronics (IF:2.690). [Aug'22]
  • A US Patent on SR Images. [Jul'22]
  • Action recognition article in ECCV Workshop. [Jun'22]
  • A paper in Signal Journal. [May'22]
  • Associate Editor@Neurocomputing. [Apr'22]
  • Two papers in CVPRw. [Apr'22]
  • A Paper hits on CVPR. [Mar'22]
  • A Paper accepted in WACV. [Jan'22]
  • PnP-3D accepted in TPAMI. [Jan'22]
  • R2Net is now available online in TNNLS. [Dec'21]
  • PLCNN accepted in NCAA. [Nov'21]
  • *Assistant Professor* at University of Canberra. [Oct'21]
  • One paper has been accepted by International Conference on 3D Vision. [Oct'21]
  • An article is accepted Applied Sciences. [Sep'21]
  • Guest Editor in IEEE JOE. [Aug'21]
  • Article accepted in TIP. [Aug'21]
  • A paper hit-on TMM. [May'21]
  • A paper accepted in TPAMI. [Apr'21]
  • One paper accepted in TIP. [Apr'21]
  • Two papers accepted in CVPR. [Mar'21]
  • One paper accepted in IGARSS as an Oral. [Mar'21]
  • A paper accepted in MVA. [Feb'21]
  • Paper accepted in Pattern Recognition. [Jan'21]
  • An article accepted in MVA. [Dec'20]
  • A paper accepted in WACV. [Nov'20]
  • *Visiting Fellow* at University of Technology Sydney. [Oct'20]
  • An Oral paper accepted in ICONIP. [Sept'20]
  • A paper hit-on in IEEE TPAMI. [Aug'20]
  • A paper accepted in Signal Processing: Image Communication. [July'20]
  • An Oral paper Accepted in MICCAI. [June'20]
  • UC-Net nominated for CVPR best-paper award.
  • Three papers in CVPR Workshops (NTIRE and PBVS) including One Oral. [April'20]
  • A paper accepted in ACM Computing Surveys. [Mar'20]
  • Two papers (an Oral and Poster) accepted in CVPR. [Feb'20]
  • A paper accepted in Pattern Recognition. [Sept'19]
  • Appointed as Lecturer at Australian National University (ANU). [Jul'19]
  • One paper accepted in ICCV (Oral) 2019. [Jul'19]
  • One paper accepted in TPAMI 2018. [Jul'18]
  • Started working at CSIRO. [Apr'18]
  • Two paper accepted in BMVC 2017, London, UK. (one oral and one poster). [Jul'17]
  • One paper accepted in IEEE TIP. [Jul'17]
  • One Paper accepted in ICCV.[Dec'15]

  • Codes and Datasets:

    • MultiModal 3D UnLoc is now available: UnLoc. [March'24]
    • Code, Models and Results are now available for Partial2Complete. [Sept'23]
    • SSID is released. [April'23]
    • Code, Models and Results are now available for PointCam. [Feb'23]
    • Latent-Transport-UPCN code and models are now available. [Dec'22]
    • FGBR dataset now available. [Sep'22]
    • All codes and models for Angular Skeleton Encoding are now available. [Mar'22]
    • R2Netall codes and models released. [Dec'21]
    • Attentional 3D Object Detection codes and models are available. [Oct'21]
    • UColor code, train models and results are now available. [May'21]
    • The code, dataset for InvDN released. [May'21]
    • GBNet code and train models are available. [Apr'21]
    • Code for CWR released. [Mar'21]
    • Code for DRNet released. [Mar'21]
    • Code, Results and Dataset available for DDNet. [Feb'21]
    • Code and Results available for R2Net. [Nov'20]
    • Download our Natural-Color Dataset (NCD) in our Colorization Survey. [Nov'20]
    • Code and Results for IERD released. [Nov'20]
    • Code for IRAE now available. [Nov'20]
    • Code for GradNet now available. [Oct'20]
    • Code and trained networks for FGSE released. [Sept'20]
    • COVID19 Baseline code/trained models released [July'20]
    • Code for UC-Net released. [June'20]
    • Code and dataset for CoinNet released. [May'20]
    • Code for UWCNN released. [Nov'19]
    • Code and Results for DRLN released. [Sept'19]
    • Code and Results for RIDNet released. [Sept'19]
    • Codes released for all papers. [Jul'18]

    Professional Activities!:

    • Conference Reviewer:
    • CVPR 2020, CVPR 2021, CVPR 2022, MACCAI 2020, ACCV 2020, BMVC 2020, ICCV 2021
    • ICIP 2016, ICIP 2017, ICIP 2018, WACV 2018, ICIP 2019
    • Journal Reviewer:
    • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI)
    • Information Fusion (IF)
    • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP)
    • International Journal of Comuter Vision (IJCV)
    • IEEE Transactions on MultiMedia(TMM)
    • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT)
    • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS)
    • Machine Vision and Applications (MVAP)
    • IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering (JOE)
    • Neurocomputing
    • Pattern Recognition
    • PLoS One
    • Sensors
    • Remote Sensing